Our Bros of the Week Are All Heroes (Well, Not Really)

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4. Little Bro Who Can't Ride a Bike
Kid's doing his best Dick Nixon in this pic. He may not be able to ride a bike for shit, or even talk without a broken Asian accent, but he can motivate with the best of them. Thumbs up for Rock n' Roll? Sure, why the f*ck not.
3. Corporal Dipprasad Pun
Pun was awarded a top medal of bravery (Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC)) by the Queen last week for singlehandedly mowing down 30 Taliban fighters last September at his checkpoint in southern Afghanistan. When the Taliban attacked his post Pun was alone, but he didn't just sit there and with a river of liquid shit streaming down his leg. He instead vowed that if he was dying others were coming with him. Dude aired out more than 400 rounds, launched over a dozen grenades, and even detonated a Claymore mine all to come out of it alive. Yeah, I'd say that deserves a medal. 
2. Shaquille O'Neal 
After 19 seasons Shaq called it a career and retired. People can say he stuck around just to collect a paycheck or whatever, but at his peak (and when not at the charity stripe or trying to sell shoes) he was virtually unstoppable. Video from today's offical announcement is below.
1. First Lieutenant Todd Weaver
We hadn't heard of Todd Weaver before but a reader sent us his story, along with a strong recommendation that we make him the Bro of the Week. As the story goes, Todd was going off to serve in Afghanistan but before he left he wrote his newborn daughter a note just in case he never made it back. Pretty gruesome foreshadowing, because Todd didn't make it back. In fact he died in September 2010 from an explosive device in Afghanistan. Go here if you want to see the entire letter he wrote to his daughter.

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