I’m In Love With These Bros Roadtripping, Drinking Beers, And Belting Out Some Jason Aldean



This is just… I can’t get enough of these three Bros. Just cruising down the highway, wearing camo visors, drinking some beers, listening to Jason Aldean. Just living right.

They’ve got their shades on, their coozies filled, their feet up on the dash (just like the song says!).

This is what summer should be. This is what be being a Bro should be. This is what friendship is. If I had to guess, I’d say they were on their way to a wedding.

Living like this? I could do this every day.

But it doesn’t happen every day. And days like these, they go by way too fast.

Also, for those of you “they shouldn’t be drinking” weens, this is probably in Texas, where it’s legal to have a brew and cruise.