Author Creates Book Series Called ‘BroTales: Fairy Tales For Bros’ And The Kickstarter Video Is Bro-Tastic AF

Well, this video wins the Internet for the week. An author by the name of Billy Brospef is taking to Kickstarter to promote a project we love here at BroBible: BroTales: Fairy Tales for BrosThe idea is to take classic children’s stories and Bro them up with Natty Light and protein shakes. The result is a collection of 10 classic fairy tales and poems in an illustrated collection, including instant Bro classics like “Swole White & the Seven Pledges” and “Oh the Places You’ll Bro.” In Billy Brospef’s own words:

BroTales explores some of the most important issues of our time like broship, keg stands, meddling with science, Tinder, getting swole, and more! With your help, we hope to make the world a bit more brotacular by printing and distributing our book’s first 1,000 copies!

A personal favorite in the project is How the Bro Hogged the Weight Room. Because “who can forget the classic tale of the Bro who hogged the entire weight room on New Year’s Day?”

Fuck that guy. That guy is a dick.

This book needs to be on the coffee table of every single frat house and meathead bro-den in America. With an estimated delivery date of December, it’s the perfect holiday gift for that Bro in your life who loves creatine and Salmon-colored shorts.

Go support the Kickstarter to get your copy of BroTales….