People In Buffalo Looted A Stranded Doritos Delivery Truck Because Doritos Are Fucking Delicious

by 4 years ago

Buffalo is under about 800 feet of snow right now. The giant snowstorm the city endured, or is still enduring — I really don’t know what the fuck is happening up there — left people stranded in their homes or cars for hours and even days. At some point, the human instinct to survive kicks in and you do what you have to do to say alive. Even if that means sawing off an arm that’s wedged under a rock or looting a truck full of Doritos. Yes, I just compared what these people are doing to 127 Hours. Deal with it.


According to The Public, several social media users have reported seeing a Doritos truck in South Buffalo, apparently abandoned by its driver in the lake effect snow storm. The vehicle appeared to be stuck in several feet of snow.

Photos showed several people entering the back of the truck, and leaving with snacks.

“Just saw apparently some people stole Doritos out of an abandoned truck. Doritomageddon?” Eddie Lee wrote on Twitter.

Jeremy Cohn of Toronto’s Global News tweeted that he “saw several men stealing chips from inside this abandoned Doritos truck” as well. He also posted a picture of the vehicle with its back door wide open.

No word whether or not these men are on Team Cool Ranch or Team Nacho Cheese. Our office is still divided.