Crazy Fire Rescue in Houston of Man Trapped on Balcony Will Make Your Feet Sweat

by 5 years ago


I’ll be honest with you: if I’m standing on a rail-less balcony of an ablaze building, I’m not taking it all in stride like this construction worker. And I’d sure as hell not have the requisite testicles it takes to jump from one balcony down to another. But I’d eventually do it (because I assume the will to live is pretty strong with death). Although I could see my perilous outcome now, and it involves me ALMOST sticking the landing on the balcony below only to lose my balance backwards and taking a multiple-story Nestea Plunge to my death. That’s exactly how it would play out. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I just thank god I rarely go into buildings with balconies.

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