Burger King Dropped A New Whopper With A Red-Colored Hot Sauce Bun — Let’s Guess What Color It Makes Your Stool!

by 2 years ago

Remember Burger King’s halloween burger with the black bun of unquestionable grossness? OF COURSE YOU DO. Do you also remember how it turned everyone’s shit an awful shade of green? I mean, how could you forget something so wonderful? You can’t.

Well, the brain trust at the Flame-Broiled Burger magnate just barfed out a brand new concoction and it’s bound to take your bowel movements to the NEXT LEVEL. Not only is the bun a shade of fiery red, but it is infused with hot sauce. This way, your entire post-whopper trip to the toilet bowl will provide a violent reminder of what you just dared to put into your body. If this becomes a mainstay on the Burger King menu, their ad campaign going forward needs to be (NEEDS TO BE) The Angriest Whopper: Burning Assholes To The Ground Since Way Back.

But the real question here is: If the black halloween bun turned stool green, what can we expect from this red bun of death?


Personally, I think it just produces red-ish poop. Along with the aforementioned torching of your precious B-hole.

Eat at your own risk.

[H/T NY Daily News]

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