Ten Burning Questions for Season 2 of ‘Jersey Shore’

by 9 years ago

The day has finally come. “Jersey Shore” is finally back in our lives. The GTL lifestyle hit South Beach back in April and we finally get to view the carnage. In preparation for tonight's 10 p.m. season premiere (which I'll be recapping tomorrow), let’s take a look at the top 10 storylines as we enter the second season of America's favorite reality show.

1. Can The Situation become more full of himself to the extent that all his roommates dislike him?

Page Six dropped the rumor Tuesday that The Situation was becoming too much for his roommates to handle. They're probably jealous of the money he’s making outside the show — not to mention his six pack. This might not really heat up 'til Season 3, but will we see the roots in Miami? Is the whole cast not going to be invited to Ravioli Night next time?

2. Will Vinny become the king of laying pipe?

The truth came out after the first season that Vinny was creeping all over the Jersey Shore, but the cameras never caught it (or didn't care too much about it). With that nugget out there, it's become more of a focus for the Miami season. The bomb drops when it appears in the preview as if Vinny bumps uglies with not only Snooki, but Angelina as well. I'm sure that makes his momma proud. Maybe she'll bring him down some lasagna.

3. Will Angelina survive the whole season?

The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island couldn't survive more than a few episodes in the house during the first season, yet she decided to get involved in Season 2 because she saw everyone loading up on the money. She has since not been picked up for Season 3, so the question remains as to whether or not she'll be able to make it through the whole season this time. Nobody likes her, so the animosity will be at extremely high levels. Hopefully she doesn't forget any of her clothes when she packs up her garbage bags to head home.

4. Now that the public know the cast, will they be able to go out and interact normally?

The problem with repeating a reality show cast is that the word “reality” loses its meaning if the cast is interacting with people outside the show's cast. Stories circulated that before they even arrived, the cast had already been barred from multiple hot spots in Miami because management didn't want to have anything to do with them. People attending whichever venue they are able to get into must know who they are. How will the cast be able to act normally at these spots, especially when they're trying to hook up with the locals? For this reason alone, I'm personally pushing for MTV to refresh the cast for the 'Shore' next summer, so that no one has any idea what's being filmed.

5. Will Miami be free of grenades?

One of our favorite storylines from last season was The Situation constantly being cock-blocked by grenades. He indicates in the preview that he has faith Miami won't provide the same obstacles. We know Pauly D ain't jumping on those grenades, so we hope it's true for The Situation's sake. How else is he going to hook up with a hoard of mediocre girls like the ones he picked up on the Shore last summer?

6. Is Sammi done drinking the Ron-Ron juice?

Those who search hard on the Internet can do their research on whether or not the girl with the Fred Flintstone toe and the 5'6″ boardwalk fighter are still currently getting after it. I actually haven't done the research myself, because I'm looking forward to the fireworks of what I believe is going to happen in Miami. It seems as if Sammi and Ronnie get back together at first, but then Ronnie goes wild on the ladies and it creates some hostility. Sammi lost 15 pounds to prepare for this season, so maybe she was preparing for a healthy single girl experience of high-end smushing. Oh, the complications of a showmance…

7. How much will Snooki cheat on her boyfriend?

Snooki spent last summer searching the Jersey Shore for a hot, juiced, tan guy but it seems as if she's found someone to keep her happy. Still, it's hard to believe she'll be able to keep her pants on, since she loves getting attention from guys. It already appears as if she banged Vinny. Who's next?

8. Is the Pauly D and JWoww situation dead?

Our favorite Rhode Island DJ was always looking to creep on a drunk JWoww whenever she was in the mood. One of the highlights of the season was when he showed off his pen*s piercing to her. I got a feeling Pauly D will always be game for a few rounds in the sack with JWoww if she's putting it out there, but has the year spent traveling around promoting the show put an end to any sexual tension?

9. How many arrests will we have this season?

You know that Ronnie's good for at least one arrest. There's no way he makes it through the whole season without ending up in handcuffs. I got a feeling one of the girls gets arrested this year because their generally trashy and loud nature won't fly on South Beach as much as it did on the boardwalk.

10. Will the show lose its entertainment value?

Early word on the season premiere is that the cast members might be playing up to the camera this year by acting even more ridiculous. I’m not sure that’s too much of a bad thing as long as they keep doing what they were doing before. The beauty of the show's first season was that the cast was just acting like themselves and that's where we found the humor. The show wasn't good because any of us wished we were on the Jersey Shore. It was good because these guidos and guidettes' passion for and pride in their lifestyle entertained the hell out of us. The preview seemed to include the same humor we came to love, so we can only hope that continues.

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