School Bus Driver Accused Of Sending Nude Snapchats And Having Sex With Student Said She Thought Student Was ‘Older’

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Wendy Valero, a Connecticut school bus driver, was arrested after allegations that she had sex with one of her student passengers came to light. According to Mirror, Valero had been the unnamed student’s bus driver for the past three years and allegedly began seducing him after they became Facebook friends in June 2015:

He reportedly sent her a message saying “Hi” and she responded with “Hi, sweetie, how are you doing?” and said she had been thinking of him.

When he doubted that, the brunette apparently replied: “Of course, it’s hard to forget you, lol, you’re crazy!!!”(via)

The messages reportedly ended until May, when the two started exchanging “friendly” notes that soon devolved into Valero allegedly sending him “a photo of her breasts and asked him to send one of his genitals.” Police files state that the pair exchange two more “similar” pictures, leading to Valero sending the student Snapchats with a “naked shot of herself.”

A photo of her privates and two messages – one saying she wanted intercourse with him – followed over the next few days, the documents say.

The pair met and she drove him to her flat in Middletown, Connecticut, where they had sex in the bathroom.

Valero claimed she went to check up on the student when he went to the bathroom but admitted the sex act and intercourse, said investigators.(via)

Valero later stated that she thought the student “was 16 but looked 18,” as if that makes any of this any better. “Gee officer, I thought I only had ten drinks but now that I’m thinking about it, I probably had closer to eight,” cool dude but you’re still hammered, just like how this kid is still a minor.

Valero was charged with sexual assault and risking injury to a child, but is now out on bail.

She’s nowhere NEAR as bad as this teacher who allegedly had sex with six of her students for over a year though:

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