An Anonymous Businessman Offered This Porn Star $8 Million To Be Exclusively His For The Next 15 Years

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Japanese AV Actress Takizawa Rola Promotes Online Game In Beijing

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Rola Misaki, a 22-year-old porn star who is half Japanese and half Russian, just received an offer for the role of a lifetime. Well, not really a lifetime, but the next 15 years of her life. At an event recently, a masked businessman reportedly offered Misaki around $8,000,000 dollars to be exclusive to him for 15 years. And I know you’re thinking a few things.

1) Why was this weirdo masked?

2) I can’t even whack off to the same clip twice, what is this guy thinking locking himself in for 15 years?

3) Is going to be an under-the-table agreement, or will this be taxed?

The proposal took place when Misaki and the man were attending the same event in Beijing, I don’t know why he was masked. The likely answer is because he’s fucking ugly and $8,000,000 is the absolute least anyone would accept if they actually saw his face. Maybe that is also why he is willing to lock in for 15 years. Who knows? But for Misaki’s sake, if this money is taxed, she better make sure there are bonuses tied into this to account for inflation. Unless, of course, she is taking the lump sum from this jackpot upfront. That’s just smart business.

But I know why you came here so go ahead, you and your cock do some window shoppin’ for later.

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水咲ローラ Misaki Rola

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