Interested in Buying Our Fridge? We Have a Craigslist Entry for You

by 6 years ago

So here's the deal:

We're moving offices. And with that comes things both good and bad. The good? The new place has windows, so I'll perhaps see the light of day again. It has desk lamps, so we can see better the shame in each person's face as we pump out this content. And it doesn't have the ever-present whiff of man musk, a smell that has overpowered this office and made it inhabitable to all but the Bro-iest of Bros.

But the downside? We've got to sell our baby, our beloved fridge. Much like that heartbreaking scene from “Harry and the Hendersons,” when the kid told Little Bob to run back to the wild, we're forced to leave our buddy behind. He can't make the trek with us.

That's where you come in. You can take now Little Bob–I mean the fridge–off our hands.

If you choose to take up our offer, you get 1 KICKASS 6-and-a-half foot tall industrial refrigerator that will keep your drinks chilled and your sammies cold. It's perfect for a restaurant backroom, an office, a bar, or a very tricked-out mancave. It works like a charm, and it has since we recently bought the thing. Any questions about it's condition, durability, etc, just ask. I'm sure we can take a few more pictures.

Here are some optional things we will throw in that are currently in or on the refrigerator:

— 4 Bottles of Budweiser “Brewmasters' Project Twelve” specialty beers
— 6 Servings of Jill Pettijohn's Nutritional Cleanse (not totally sure how those got in there)
— 8 “Moonjoos” flavored shots (we don't recommend drinking them yourself)
— 1 Dean & Deluca 100% Fresh-Squeezed OJ that has occupied the fridge since I started work here (six months ago)
— 1 beer bong
— 1 Patrick Ewing “Chief of Madison Square Garden” trading card
— 1 mysterious brown bag possibly containing a half-eaten sandwich, an assortment fruit, or the body of Jimmy Hoffa


Questions, concerns, what have you? Shoot us an email. We'll be happy to help. 

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