California Rejects Proposition 60 Requiring Condoms And Porn Stars Can Barely Contain Their Excitement

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Something that might have gotten lost in all the Trump-Hillary election hubbub are the many propositions that were voted on in each state.

One such vote, Proposition 60 in California, was to have major ramifications on one of our favorite leisure-time activities should it have passed: watching porn.

You see, Proposition 60 would have required actors in adult films to use condoms during scenes that involve vaginal and anal sex. Which, is like, a lot of scenes, as you are well aware.

Much to the delight of those in the porn industry California rejected Proposition 60 and they will be able to continue doing their important work condom-free.

Californians Against Worker Harassment had this to say about the landmark result…

“This was a tremendous victory, not only for adult performers, but for science over stigma, and facts over fear. Adult industry workers no longer need to fear a punitive law that would have allowed any resident of the state to file suit against them…We hope this marks the beginning of a new, safer era for adult film performers and other workers in California — one in which worker voices and lived experiences are included in the legislation and regulation that affects their bodies and their lives.”

Tony Rios, the chief executive officer of AVN, the industry’s trade journal, said in an email to TheWrap

“I’m extremely proud of our industry tonight. We fought a very tough battle. The odds were against us. [The AIDS Healthcare Foundation] outspent us 10-to-1 but we came together to become unified in a way that I have never seen before. We reached out to every news outlet. We went to schools, malls. We really got involved with the community. We knew that if California residents could only hear all the facts they would make the right choice. They would make the choice against harassment and the safety and well-being of the talent in our industry.”

Tasha Reign, long-time contributor to BroBible, had this to say about the proposition being rejected…

“Well, well, well, Prop 60 didn’t pass. I feel powerful and strong. Like my voice and the voices of my industry were actually heard. I have a newfound belief in myself and our marginalized group of sex workers. Although we have so much more to accomplish and achieve, I’m proud to have been part of this campaign. I’m proud of my fellow performers.”

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