‘Call Of Duty’ Video Game Designer Is Selling His $1.8 Million House And — One Can Dream



Business Insider has a nice little scoop about a piece of real estate in Los Angeles owned by Chad Findley, the single-player project director for the Call Of Duty franchise at Infinity Ward/Activision. He’s selling his three-bedroom, 2,500+-square-foot house in Beverly Grove (right down the hill from Beverly Hills) in Los Angeles. The price tag? A sick $1.8 million dollars.

Not going to lie, it looks like it’d be the ultimate gamer Bro pad. I can picture five or six 70+ inch TVs to play C.o.D. on in that living room. And the fact there’s a nice little pool/cabana area to throw parties in an added bonus.

Zac Effron should buy it and make it his new smush palace.  I’d put in an offer so I could run it as an AirBnB, but I live in New York. I also don’t have $1.8 million.

But the real reason for posting this is just to show you how SWEET you can live when you’re a designer for the most successful video game franchise of all time. If you aspire to be a game designer, there’s serious money there. Follow those dreams, kids.



findley-and-his-wife-have-lived-here-since-2003-they-did-extensive-renovations-on-the-home-in-2007-adding-an-entire-second-floor-and-making-big-changes-to-the-first-floor-configuration the-couple-redid-their-backyard-in-2005-aiming-for-a-more-tropical-feel-they-could-enjoy-with-their-two-dogs the-kitchen-is-fairly-spacious the-second-floor-area-is-now-a-spacious-living-area-and-its-where-findley-would-get-a-lot-of-his-work-done

More pics over on Business Insider….