Paramedics Take Cancer-Patient Dad to Son’s Little League Game; Son Knocks One Out of the Park

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Last year Jim Orr was diagnosed with stage four melanoma. The father and Little League coach has battled the diases with radiation and blood transfusions for over 12 months. During a recent trip to radiation treatment by ambulance, Orr had a simple request in jest his two paramedics, Della Bornman and Dan Carlton: “If you're not doing anything after work, you can take me to my son's game.” We'll let KGW take it from here:

Orr said he was joking, but the statement resonated with Carlton and his partner. “We just thought it was important to make it happen for him just to make him happy, give him some sunshine in his day,” said Bornman.

Doctors were called and exceptions were made. It did not take long for Jim and his wife to load up in an ambulance for a surprise trip to a baseball diamond in Camas. “I just cried because I knew how much it would mean to him, so it touched my heart,” said Blanca Orr. When Jim and his wife arrived at the field, the game was stopped. “It was pretty cool to see the kids get excited,” said Orr.

What could make a story-book moment any more special? How about Jim's son, Alex, stepping to the plate in the second inning and drilling one over the left field fence. Hollywood can't write scripts better than that if it tried. We're tallying up three huge bro moves: One for the dad for wanting to see his son's game after undergoing radiation treatment; One for the paramedics for making it happen; and One for Alex, Jim's son for going yard while his pops was there to see him play. A huge round of total bro moves for a total bro dad. Check out the local news report below.

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