Colossal Cannibal Crocodile Chomps Off Comrade Crocodile’s Limb With Death Roll

When you go to the zoo, one of the main attractions is to go during feeding time of the large predators. Just to witness the insane dining habits from big cats and crocodiles is amazing. However these onlookers at the zoo may have bitten off more than they could chew when they caught a glimpse of this graphic and grisly spectacle.

During feeding time at an Australian zoo, one crocodile had no chill. Instead of waiting a few moments until the zookeeper tossed fish his way, he abruptly chomped the leg of a fellow crocodile. The cannibal croc then spins around multiple time in a terrifying death roll which easily snaps off the limb.

He did not see that coming.

The visitors look on in horror and shock as the prehistoric monster chows down on the crocodile’s leg. Australia is a motherfucking croc eat croc world.