Car Lover Caught Red-Handed Masturbating To Hot Models At Auto Show

by 1 year ago

There are soooo many hot models at auto shows. What a normal person does is capture those images of the beautiful women and then go home where they will unleash the beast with the help of those memories from their spank bank. Not this dude. This fella subscribes to the “No Better Time Than Now” philosophy.

We take you to China where a man masturbated during an auto show. The unashamed car enthusiast lubed his camshaft right in front of everyone.

Those models are hot, I get it, but you can’t go blowing your headgasket in public.

Or is he just a really, really impassioned car lover and is blown away by the revealing of the curvy 2018 car models and can’t help himself after seeing those sleek exhaust pipes.

His jacket comes in handy to conceal the fact that he’s jacking it.

Nobody beats this jerkoff buffing out a car.


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