Bro Has A Big Problem When He Tries To Get Revenge On His Friends For Egging His Car

Poor guy. For starters, it sucks this guy has friends who are shitty enough to throw raw eggs at his car when he pulls up to the cabin to hang. Raw egg is nightmare sauce to car paint. My car back in high school took an egg from an annual school tradition we had and it SUCKED to patch up the paint job.

But auto body work is the least of his worries — He forgot to put it in park, so somehow his car glided over a frozen lake. No idea how he’s going to retrieve it. What are the chances that his bodyweight on the ice is just enough to cause it to break?

It looks like it’s a Jetta from the mid-90s, so I doubt it’s a huge monetary loss. That said… You have a car in the middle of the lake, Bro. I can’t say I’ve ever had anything remotely resembling that problem.