Car Theft Suspect Shows Off Twerking Skills For Judge During Court Appearance And NOPE That Didn’t Go Over Well

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30-year-old Calvin Griffith was arrested for allegedly breaking into a high school and stealing an employee’s car. That story in itself isn’t very newsworthy, as who cares about random car thievery? The REAL scoop here is that as Judge Catherine Pooler read his charges out loud, Griffith began twerking for the in-court camera.

Normally I’d call him an idiot, but his family claims that he’s mentally ill and is off of his medications, in which case I’d get crucified by SJW’s for calling someone with mental illness a moron. By the way, being an idiot isn’t a trait reserved for people whose mental faculties are completely in check; anyone can be an idiot. You, me, your mom, my schizophrenic uncle – you name ‘em, and if they’re dumb well then goddamn you should be able to point out as much.

While you and I both are clearly at least amused by Griffith’s courtroom antics, Judge Pooler was apparently unable to see the humor in the situation, setting his bond at $18,500.

Griffith was formally charged with burglary in an occupied dwelling, theft, grand theft auto and trespassing in a school/school safety zone.

[H/T NBC Miami]

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