Guy Gets Caught Watching Porn at Work Thanks to Company Across the Street and Twitter

by 6 years ago

It's always clutch to have your computer screen in a spot where you can't get ambushed by a co-worker or your boss. Generally speaking, one of the best places to be in an office is anywhere that allows you to have your back to the window. But not if you're the kind of guy who watches porn and not if that window is really close to the windows of the building next door.

According to Gawker:

When James P. of Brisbane, Australia, noticed a man engaging in some not-safe-for-work activities in the office across the way from his, he did what anyone with a cellphone and a Twitter account would do: He posted a photo of the impropriety on the Internet for all to see.


“The guy watching porn at work across the road is back,” James tweeted, “doesn't realise our whole office can see him!”

Within hours the salaryman's shame was retweeted over 2,500 times, becoming the talk of Oz.

“Bet the blinds are shut tomorrow lol,” remarked one Twitter user. “I doubt it, he's been doing it for ages!” James replied. “Yeah but presumably not in front of Twittworld,” the user retorted. “Wonder if his boss is on Twitter?”


Too bad this guy lives in Australia. A porn-watching Bro like this, with his priorities fully in order, would make a nice addition to the BroBible clan. His answer to  our “have you seen that porn with…” convo would always be “Fuck yes I saw that shit. Blew six loads to it just last week.”