These Celebrities SAT Scores Might Surprise You

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Evidently, the SATs are returning to 1600 point format that a lot of us knew and hated. The news lead many people to tweet out their SAT scores, because dick measurin’ is fun and according to scientific data no less than 90% of the population is insufferable. To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember my exact SAT score. It was definitely not impressive. I think the score was slightly over what George W. Bush is rocking below (which apparently isn’t even a score one can realistically attain). All I know is that I took the test twice and my highest score, along with my just-above-average-grades and the sizzling hot photo I sent of myself with my application, was good enough for the University of Miami to accept me early decision. In fact, it was good enough to get me accepted to 90% of the schools I applied to. The photo that is, not the score.

With this switch back to the old scoring system and people’s excitement to brag about their SAT score again — because when it was 2400 you had to be all like, “No, it WAS an good score. I took it when the best you could do was 1600. So yeah…I’m, like, pretty smart.” — now is as good of a time as ever to release what famous people got on their SATs.

According to the NY Times

1. Ben Affleck: “Ben had almost perfect SAT scores in high school.”
2. Ke$ha: 1,500
3. Bill Gates: 1,590
4. George W. Bush: 1,206
5. Al Gore: 1,355
6. Scarlett Johansson: 1,080
7. Bill Cosby: 500
8. Steve Wozniak: 800 on the math section
9. Ben Bernanke: 1,590
10. Jesse Eisenberg: 1,260
11. Alex Rodriguez: 910
12. James Franco: “Near-perfect.”

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