Man Arrested For Soliciting Underage Porn Stars At County Fair With ‘Big Pimpin Inc. Be a Star’ Business Cards

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The first place I think of whenever I feel like recruiting porn stars is a county fair. That makes sense, right? Except not because most people that go to those are under 18 and with their parents. That might’ve been Aaron Gimbert’s startegy though, seeing as how he was creepin’ on all the 16 year olds.

” Sheriff’s deputies arrested 34-year-old Aaron Gimbert Sunday after undercover officers say he passed out business cards to teenagers…
While Carrie Blake turned to get water with her son Saturday, a man approached her 16-year-old daughter.
They said he handed Justice a card that says “Big Pimpin Inc. Be a Star.” The card also offered a signing bonus for an 18th birthday contract.”

An 18th birthday signing bonus! Where do I sign up?? But more importantly, what sort of signing bonus would this be? This guy hopefully doesn’t actually represent any sort of porn company, so I’d imagine his signing bonus would be an extra splurt of splooge in some poor girl’s face. I mean, it’s technically pure protein isn’t it? So it sorta counts as a vegetable of sorts.

” ‘He like asked if I was 18 and I was like no I’m 16, and he kind of thought about it, and he was like call me when you turn 18,’ said Justice.
The county’s sexual assault felony enforcement team investigated the alleged situation. They saw Gimbert hand out several more cards and he’s now in custody, according to authorities with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office…
‘He said I’d be a good porn star, that makes me just feel sick,’ said Justice.”


Hey girl, it could’ve been worse. Would you’ve rather been told that you’d be great in bestiality porn? I think not.

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