Cher Dissed The Shit Out Of Donald Trump For Skipping The Next Republican Debate With Some FIRE Tweets

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On one hand, it’s Cher – aka the old lady my parents used to listen to during long car rides. Do I know all the words to “Believe”? Of course I do. Do I willingly listen to Cher sometimes? MAYBE, are you gonna judge me for it? Because regardless of whether you like/dislike her music or how you feel about Donald Trump’s current campaign for the presidency, you’ve gotta admit that his decision to skip the next Republican Presidential Primary debate is a bitch move.

But why is The Donald™ skipping the debate, you ask? Essentially it’s because he doesn’t like Megyn Kelly. Here’s David Covucci to explain it to you:

Donald Trump, Mr. Tough On China and Mr. Tough On Immigrants and Mr. Tough On, Oh Who The Hell Knows Anymore (Kazakh Textile Manufacturers, Probably), is refusing to participate in tomorrow’s 234th Republican 2016 Presidential Primary debate essentially because the scheduled moderator, Megyn Kelly of Fox News, once asked Trump why he called Rosie O’Donnell a ‘fat pig.’

It’s petulant whining from a person who, because he relishes in an anti-establishment front, can get away with it, even though it’s a childish antic no different than licking all your cookies when you first get them so no one else will touch them.

… If you recall, after the first debate moderated by Kelly, Trump went on a news show blitz accusing her of menstruating while on the air.

Real quality presidential material we’ve got right there. And while Cher isn’t exactly the Einstein of…well, any generation, she does have a point:

There are multiple things I hate about this tweet. I hate how most of it is written in caps. I hate how there’s a random dog emoji at the end that serves no purpose. I hate that it came from Cher. I hate how it inspired this next tweet…

…where the first letter of every word is capitalized. I hate that noticing it in this tweet made me notice it in the first tweet and now I’m all bent out of shape. Just looking at THE”FEMALE” with no space in-between “the” and “female” is making my skin crawl. Ugh, Cher why are you so illiterate.

Oh, and in case you were worried that Cher is a Megyn Kelly fan, fear not:

For she only gives a shit about hating Trump…and using emojis. And capitalizing words that shouldn’t be capitalized.

God, Cher. Read a book on grammar before you send out any more tweets, please.

The next Republican debate is tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox News.


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