This Chick Getting Blown Away By A Jet Engine And Drilling Her Face On A Concrete Wall Is Why The Internet Exists

by 4 years ago

If you can’t watch this video and get an odd sense of satisfaction out of it, you’re on the wrong website. Maybe you should pick up a copy of the New York Times and learn about the world and become educated on the monumental social issues of our time or some shit. But while you’re here, while you’re clicking on any and all ‘Matt Keohan’ posts, you’re going to get content that won’t necessarily make your life any better, but I can promise you it won’t make it worse. And how many internet publishers can say that? Answer: probably most of them.

Regardless, seeing a chick lose a battle to a jet engine and french kissing a concrete wall while another chick with a nice toosh rushes in to assist her, is top shelf internet entertainment no matter who you are. We could probably share a good laugh with ISIS over this one. Strengthening foreign relations–that’s what I bring to the table. Your move, New York Times.

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