Chick Breaks Both Feet Trying to Jump Off Roof Into Swimming Pool

According to the YouTube description:

My daughter scared to jump off of the roof into the swimming pool. Hesitates, and misses the pool. I'm posting this, cause she needs help with medical bills, and living expenses. Her feet are broken badly. CAT scan this morning. She does need surgery. We will find out today when that will happen. I'm researching making her a donation web page. The first step was to post a video to You Tube. I was shocked when I had seen that the kids had video of her accident. I watched it. Wish I hadn't. Now it replays over, and over in my head. It's difficult to see my baby girl in pain. Now stuck in a wheel chair. She's not doing so well. Trying to keep her chin up. She had just moved into her first house. Working a great job. Doing very well for her first time out on her own. Till this unfortunate accident.

Look, I feel sorry for this girl — I'm not a monster — but an “unfortunate accident” is walking down the street, minding your own goddamn business and getting struck in the dick by lightening and having it split in two. Breaking your feet while jumping off a roof into a swimming pool is an unfortunate outcome to a dumb choice. And normally I wouldn't post the gofundme for stupidity of this magnitude, but when I went to the page I couldn't believe that this mother is asking people to pay for her daughter's rent and living expenses. It's called going into debt, Lady. What lesson will she learn if others bail her, and her unfortunate decision making skills, out of this mess? No lesson at all, I'd argue. 

[H/T: Big Lead]