Chick Tries To Impress Her Friends With A Fancy High Dive–Ends Up Causing Tidal Wave With Nasty Belly Flop

by 4 years ago

Body control, timing, precision–looks to me like this couldn’t have gone any better.

But I’m no expert, so I’m going to have to defer to someone who has the ultimate belly flopping bod to weigh in on her score.

P.S. Right up there with a hang nail and stubbing your toe, belly flopping is one of the most sneaky painful things one can endure. Legit feels like a bowling ball is being shot out of a cannon at your midsection. It’s a funny scene so all your friends start laughing, and you eventually join them after you wipe the tears out of your eyes that you blame on the chlorine.

I wonder if they fetched this chick’s vital organs from the bottom of the pond after they were ejected out of every orifice in her body upon impact. I hope so, she looked good in a bikini. Probably not so good if she’s dead.

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