Chick-Fil-A Manager Supposedly Bans Employees From Saying ‘Bae,’ ‘Ratchet,’ ‘Turn Up,’ In Hilarious Sign


Not really sure about the veracity of this, but it made it onto my Facebook news feed, so I’m gonna go with 100% true.

From the Imgur uploader, “I work at Chick-fil-a and Eric, our manager, is tired of our shit.”

Yea. Eric’s had enough of cool, hip kid words like ‘trey.’ This is pretty funny if you imagine Eric as a 45-year-old white dude.

Some things I agree with. ‘Bae’ is stupid. And I don’t even know what ‘Bye Felicia’ means. But banning ‘a week ago?’ I say that to refer to everything that happened between yesterday and 1992. That ain’t cool

[H/T Beejoli]