Watch This Insanely Hot Chick Get Straight-Up NAKED And Assault Keys N Krates While They’re Still Performing On Stage

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In case you’ve never been to an EDM show / rave, at least 60% of the people in attendance at these types of concerts are in at least some state of undress. Guys have their shirts off, girls aren’t wearing pants and just skipped straight to walking around in thongs, and on several occasions I’ve seen girls just rip their shirts off and throw them into the crowd and get stuck wandering the venue topless…without a bra. It’s one thing when you decide to just wander the crowd naked (you do you girl), but when you strip naked and assault the band on stage? That’s a little different.

And that’s exactly what happened on Sunday night in Tampa, Florida, where a girl ripped off all of her clothes and started humping the members of Keys N Krates while they were performing on stage. That’s just fucking annoying. It’s one thing to be blatantly naked in the crowd, but fucking with the artists on stage? Lady they’re busy putting on a show, get the fuck off of the stage and let them do their thing. If you wanna crowdsurf naked, go for it, but don’t assault the performers on stage just because you’re looking for attention.

According to YourEDM the whole thing was pre-meditated by the girl and she’s actually the ex-girlfriend of one of the promoters for several Tampa clubs. Also, the guy pulling the chick off of Keys N Krates is supposedly actually their tour manager, not a security guard.

Security, you had ONE job…

[H/T YourEDM, image via Facebook]

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