Chick Who Had Her Nudes Leaked Gets Brutal Revenge On Stranger Who Sent Her Unsolicited Dick Pic

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A Florida blogger chick who goes by the pen name Kitty Pryde recently fell victim to a small-scale 4Chan nudie hacking incident. Someone hacked into her iCloud and shared intimate photos of her on the world wide webs.

Here is Kitty:

nauseous at the party#cantfix my makeup

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Insert a dude named Geoffrey.

Geoff saw the photos of Kitty and decided that the best plan of action after she felt totally violated was to draw from that embarrassing experience and attempt to use it to his advantage. I will be completely upfront with you when I tell you that this was not one of Geoff’s best ideas.

Kitty tweeted her entire saga with Geoff to her 32,000 Twitter followers. Again, this is bad for Geoff.

Geoff’s suave intro was sending Kitty the leaked nudes he saw of her, making her relive the experience, hoping she runs away with him forever.

kitty pryde

Things escalate to the point where Kitty convinces Geoff to send him a schlong shot. I will remind you once more that Geoff should not do this. But he did.

kitty pryde 2

Geoff has a weird dick. I’m sure that comment will haunt him until his dying day. A lot of people have small dicks, but weird dicks, there’s no coming back from a weird dick.

Calling Geoff’s meat popsicle bizarre and thus instilling a lifelong complex in him was not enough for Kitty. She decided to take it a step further by acquiring Geoff’s number through Facebook and continuing the proverbial spanking.

kitty pride 4

kitty pride 3

Although it doesn’t appear that Kitty posted any of the pics of Geoff online, it appears that Geoff and his weird dick learned their lesson.


[h/t Daily Mail]

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