Hot Chick Drinks Colored Milk, Vomits It on to Canvas, Calls It Art

by 5 years ago


Fuck. Why didn’t I think of this? I’m a boss at puking. Two weekends ago, I had to puke so hard that I couldn’t even make it to the toilet to relieve myself. Barfed my brains out into the bathroom sink. Clogged that drain real good. You can say it was a low point in my adult life, because it was. When the plumber came to snake it the next day, he almost lost his shit and added to the problem when he saw what he was pulling out. All I could muster was, “Sorry, man, tacos and tequila, ya know?” Oh yeah, he knew…that he hated my ever-loving guts.

If I’m being honest, I’d like to impose on this chick’s turf. She thinks she can puke. Naw, girl, I CAN PUKE. Let’s do this, you and I. A good old fashion barf off. You bring your freaky milk and the canvas, I’ll bring my Hall of Fame gag reflex. Loser buys the other a sleeve of Rolaids. Deal?

Anyway, enough about how I missed my two callings in life (which are making vomit art and dermatology). This is about Millie Brown, the babe who chugs colored milk and then pukes out a Picasso.

According to FoodBeast:

Since 2007, the 27-year-old artist has been practicing “Nexus Vomitus.” The eccentric performance involves Brown drinking dyed soy milk and then vomiting it back out onto black canvases as opera singers provide musical accompaniment. Enchanting, isn’t it?

Tis…Tis enchanting. I do agree.

Before each live show, the eccentric performer starves herself for two days so that the milk doesn’t mix with anything else. “That way the only liquid that comes up is beautiful and of pure colour,” Brown told Daily Mail. The glasses of milk are then swallowed at timed intervals, in order to achieve the “pure” vomit color.

Let’s watch her in action…



Interesting outfit for puking.


Barf Art.


And for those interested, here’s Millie in action.

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