Chipotle Could Learn A Thing Or Two From This Chick Who Tried To Smuggle $3,000 Meth Burritos

People were itching to get Susy Janelly Laborin’s burritos, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection. That’s because Susy’s burritos had meth in them.

The 25-year-old burrito bandita attempted to smuggle burritos filled with hillbilly crack across the U.S.-Mexico border on foot at Nogales, Arizona, but authorities sniffed out the drugs.

Laborin, a U.S. citizen, appeared nervous and jittery, which prompted a CBP officer to search her plastic bag that she was carrying. Inside were meth-filled burritos hidden among several actual burritos. Should have definitely attempted to smuggle the chiva empanadas.

This is your burrito.

This is your burrito on drugs.

Any questions?

There is no truth to the rumor that Susy was a delivery person for Los Pollos Hermanos.

Much like a burrito, Suzy spilled the beans to officers and told them that she was promised $500 to deliver the drugs, which had a street value of $3,000, to a third-party.

Another pic of the baerrito.

Here’s a fun fact about Susy Janelly Laborin.

Hey Chipotle, I think I just solved your financial woes. Stop putting chicken feet in your burritos and add some meth. I can envision it now, “You know meth is extra on your burrito right?”


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