One Chinese Company Is Offering To Pay Out People’s Year-End Bonus In The Form Of Sex With This Porn Star

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The Chinese New Year is only two short weeks away and that means BONUS TIME, BABAAAY!

Here in the U.S. of A., year-end bonuses are pretty much monetary and they only make news when some garbage man at Goldman-Sachs gets a million dollar bonus. China is (apparently) slightly different. They release a list of “Web Companies Annual Meeting Gift List 2015 (Confidential)” detailing all the bonus items that top tech firms dole out to their best performers.

This year, one company on the list offered something slightly out-of-the-box: A night with a Japanese porn star.

According to ThatsMags:

In amongst all the sports cars and all-expenses-paid holidays on offer, however, one item on the list caught netizens’ eyes more than any other: a night with famous the Japanese porn star known simply as JULIA.

Beijing-based Qihoo 360 is supposedly offering its best employees a night with the busty 27-year-old AV actress as the the very highest of its “Special Grade Awards,” nestled between a five-day trip to Bali and a Porsche 911.

The star of such unforgettable classics as J-Cup Super Boobs, Jumbo Breast Teacher and Tit Slave, JULIA has a massive following in China, where she’s lauded as “the Lin Chi-ling of porn,” referencing the 40-year-old Taiwanese actress cum model who continues to be voted the “Most Beautiful Goddess” in the Chinese world.

No disrespect to Julia, but personally I would never give up a cash bonus or other item worth over $40,000 for one night with a porn star. In all fairness to her, though, I should probably watch Tit Slave — and all applicable sequels — before I make my final decision. Also, I might want to run it by my wife. But not before I watch Tit Slave to see if that’s a even a bridge I need to cross.

What would you do? Take the night with Julia or ride off into the sunset in your new Porsche 911?

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