Chinese Nationals, Terrible Sailors, and Robin Thicke Busted With Weed

by 7 years ago

In Portland, a group of Chinese nationals were arrested after police raided several grow houses across the city. They recovered around 1,000 plants as well as growing materials, a car, and a small amount of cash. The police are claiming that the bust broke the $1 million mark, but if you do the math you can discount that figure pretty quickly and come up with a much lower and more reasonable dollar amount. That’s still a bunch of weed, though. It’s also the first all-Chinese marijuana bust in the States that I’ve ever heard of.

In the opposite corner of the country, in Boynton Beach, Florida, two men were arrested on Wednesday by marine patrol officers with over 1,000 pounds of weed in the hull of their boat. The smugglers were discovered after they ran aground on a sandbar right in front of officers who were preoccupied with warning boaters about hitting manatees.

When the manatee patrol noticed the boat, they approached with the intention of giving them the standard “Watch out for the manatees” lecture but the two dudes blew it. According to police, they began acting nervous and basically gave themselves away. Their behavior and the fact that they didn’t have a registration for the boat were just a little too fishy for the police to ignore. Once they boarded the men’s boat, the pair tried to flee but was caught before getting too far. A third man who was seen speeding away in an SUV during the bust was apprehended a short time later.

On a much less serious note, the singer Robin Thicke was arrested in Manhattan after police saw him smoking a doob in the back of his Escalade. After the police saw him, they arrested him with a small amount of bud. They stated that he was “…very cooperative.” I would imagine so. You can’t really make music like he does and come off as a hard-ass to the cops.

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