Porn Stars Christy Mack And Bonnie Rotten Had A MAJOR Beef War On Twitter Last Week

by 3 years ago


There is nothing in the world quit like an old fashion porn star beef war. Last December Lisa Ann and Nikki Benz went IN on each other, screaming insults in the public arena that is Twitter. Last week some similar drama unfolded between Christy Mack, the porn star who was the victim of a brutal domestic assault by War Machine, and Bonnie Rotten, the porn star who walked around New York City naked a months ago.

The exchange is brutal — Pretty much the Twitter equivalent of a middle school lunch room fight. Hard to not imagine them trying to pull each others’ hair and throwing shoes if the exchange happened in person. We’re not entirely sure what set it off besides some now-deleted shade thrown from Christy Mack, but here’s what remains of the nasty cat-fight on Twitter a week later. SO MUCH BEEF.

Everyone play nicely in your shared Twitter sandbox. Including you, porn stars.

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