Watch This Badass Motherfucker Try To Chug A Mini Bottle Of Hennessy And Almost Choke To Death In The Process

by 3 years ago


I wish I knew what the hell this guy was ranting and raving about prior to trying — yes, trying — to chug the cutest little bottle of Hennessy you’ll ever see, but alas, I do not. He’s saying something about how Snoop Dogg thinks he’s hot shit and how he wants to show the world that, like Snoop, he, too, is scalding hot shit.

However, in order to do take his rightful throne next to Snoop, he needs to pass an extreme physical challenge, which consists of him pounding an entire 2 0z. bottle of Hennessy.

That’s it. That task is apparently what separates Snoop from the rest.

Being able to drink a teaspoon of Hennessy = Snoop Dogg status.

That’s simple math, people.

So he goes for it. I don’t know how he musters the courage, but he goes right for it. As it turns out, drinking all that Henny isn’t easy (for this guy and children under the age of five) and it leads to his hilarious undoing. Which is probably for the best, since it looks like he had grand designs of driving that car after drinking.

[H/T Dirty Randy, the dirtiest motherfucker SoHo’s ever seen] 


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