‘Clark Rockefeller’ Charged With 1985 San Marino Murder

by 8 years ago

Gerhartsreiter assumed many identities over the years, including Christopher Chichester as he was known during his time in San Marino. He’s been considered a person of interest in the murder ever since his evaporation shortly after Sohus and his wife (who is still missing) disappeared. Jane Robinson, a spokeswoman for the L.A. district attorney said Gerhartsreiter was also linked to the disposal of a pick-up truck owned by the Sohus couple. John Sohus's body was discovered in the backyard of the house Gerhartsreiter was renting in 1994, when the current owners were excavating to install a pool.

Gerhartsreiter is being held in Boston, but could be extradited to L.A. if the charges stick. Read the AP story about the new charges here. For a great summation of who this guy is, and a look at the unbelievable, almost Hollywood thriller elements to his story, read Vanity Fair contributor Mark Seal’s account here.