This Clothing Brand Somehow Managed To Overlook That Their Dress Is Covered In Images That Only Perverts Would Enjoy

by 3 years ago


Luckily, 90% of the world considers this dress to be ugly right off the bat, which means only 10% of people would even think to buy this dress in the first place. Of that 10%, 9% are suffering from mild cases of dementia, leaving us with a remaining 1% of people who are perfectly fine in the head and actually consider this dress:


school mum

…to be appealing. That 1% is probably comprised solely of perverts now that I’m thinking of it, not including this woman whose husband pointed out that the dress looks like it’s drowning in vaginas:

The dress first got noticed when it was shared on the School MumFacebook page. The parenting page’s founder, Sam, wrote: ‘So I bought this dress today from MYER because I really liked it…

‘I got home and put it on for hubby and any guesses first thing he said?? #dressfail ##onceyouseeyoucantunsee’

The post has since been flooded with comments, with people making all kinds of brilliant jokes about good customer cervix/service.(via)

Yeah, gonna have to pass on buying this dress for any family members in the near future. Unless of course you’re looking to cut all contact with them – in that case go wild. Buy 500 vagina dresses and glue them all over their house! Tape it to your face and run around like a spooky ghost! Nothing says “get the fuck out of my life” like a giant gaping vagina dress sprinting around the house screaming bloody murder.



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