Comcast Charged This Family Hundreds Of Dollars For A Bunch Of Porn Films They Didn’t Even Order

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When you have Comcast as your cable provider, you already know to have rock-bottom expectations. There’s a reason they’re one of the most hated companies in America, and it’s not just for their shitty billing practices (as this guy who kept getting billed even after his house had burned down can attest to) – although that’s a big part of it. Sure their equipment sucks, their technicians are surly and they run a near-monopoly in many markets, but as long as your bill is at least correct at the end of the month people can deal with it, right? Right?


Meet Alyssa Overbrook, a Florida Comcast customer who was repeatedly billed for multiple pornographic movies that she hadn’t ordered. The Overbrooks consist of Alyssa, her husband, Jason, and their young daughter. At the time the first porno appeared on their bill, Jason had not been home and their daughter had been asleep – so unless Alyssa is into flickin’ it with the lights off (and what self respecting person pays for televised porn anyway), this was obviously an error.

Despite her insistence that she had not ordered the films, and that as customers of eight years they had not once ordered an adult movie, Comcast refused to listen and, over the next three weeks, the Overbrook family was charged for at least 20 more films of similar nature. At that point, Overbrook got ABC Action News involved, who was sent the following email when they reached out to Comcast for comment: “The box that is sending the authorization signal to order on-demand movies is the box that is assigned to the account.”

Comcast finally had to listen after Overbrook canceled her cable subscription and returned their box on April 7, yet they continued to be billed for adult movies on April 10-12. After finally looking into the issue, the cable provider chalked it up as a “unique” data stream error, and refunded the Overbrooks $240 for the movies and even offered to pay their final cable bill.(via)

The difference in customer service is astounding. I call up T-Mobile about going over my data limit and run some spiel about how I didn’t realize how much data I was using and they’ll usually give me a pass. Call up Verizon Fios about some janky Internet speeds and they patch it right up. Call Comcast? “Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and proceed to fucking yourself, THANKS FOR CALLING.”

Just another reason to cut the cable and get Netflix.

[H/T Uproxx & ABC Action News]

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