Comedian Posts Hilarious Facebook Updates About a Guy Trying to Pick-Up a Girl on Public Transportation

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This amusing Facebook narration landed in my inbox this afternoon from Canadian comedian Alex Wood. On a recent trip via Canada’s utopian-sound Rideshare program, he overheard a hilarious exchange between a college-age girl and a Bro trying to not-so-subtly hit said college-age girl. He explains:

Canadian bro here.  So awhile back I had to get from Toronto to Ottawa for some gigs. I’m a stand-up comic and yes I make a low 5 figure salary…get at me ladies.  Being a broke comic I had to take a “rideshare.” If you don’t know what that is, it’s essentially a carpool between cities and about half the cost/dignity of the Greyhound Bus. To my surprise there’s a hot girl in the back that looks like a smaller/asian/smarter/obviously-more-talented version of Kim Kardashian. The dude beside her started trying to spit some game, and then the older dude in the front seat started jumping in and hilarity ensued…

So what did he do? Document it for the Internet, of course, by posting Facebook updates throughout the trip. There’s a lesson here, Bros: Next time you try to spit game a stranger infront of other strangers in a confined space, there’s a good chance someone is listening and laughing at you.

Read his hilarious narration of the exchange below.

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