Comedians Trolling The Shit Out Of Complainers On Facebook With Fake Customer Service Is Pure Genius

Customer service sucks. They rarely service the customer. However this unusual customer service isn’t about helping the customer, it’s about making them look like assholes. Finally a satisfying customer service that I can rally around.

Comedians Ben Palmer and Nick Price are provide anything but customer service on their fantastic website Their unhelpful hijinx consist of them finding a whiny person expressing their petty grievances to a corporation on how they weren’t satisfied with their product or service. Then using their very customer service-looking Facebook account they jump into action attempting to remedy the situation by trolling the fuck out of them. They have over 91,000 followers on Facebook so it appears legitimate, until you read the rather not PC advice that they smash people with.

Here are a handful of examples of their wonderful customer service, but you can check them all out here.