Comments Of The Week: BroBible Reader Uncovers That A Girl Is LYING On Amazon About A Dildo She Bought For Herself

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Bros! It’s the weekend, which means another round-up of comments of the week. Last week Mia Khalifa responded to our Comments of the Week column about the guy who only had 100 orgasms left. Her response was pretty to-the-point:


This week you guys weighed in on all sorts of things: Girls being annoying on Tinder, hating the shit out of Kanye West, and Brian Williams. I won’t ruin the surprise for you, but the comment of the week this week comes from Rebecca’s post about Amazon dildo reviews.

And just a heads up: Next week I’m going to see if we can get a contest going for Comments of the Week. Basically, you’ll have a chance to win free shit just for discussing amongst yourselves in the comments section here on BroBible.


Dan Bilzerian To Fight Blogger For $250,000 After Avoiding Jail Time For Bomb Charges By Starring In PSA by jabrownie:

God I hope this happens. A near-Navy-SEAL fighting a slut-shaming blogger? Set it up.


Dude Thought His Bench Press Game Was On Point Until The Moment Thug Life Happened by Snoop_Doug

These are the type of dudes that play basketball every once and a while and be shooting jumpers over the backboard and shit. With those big ass arms LOL. Talkin bout,

” I’m just here for the cardio”. GET. THE. FUCK. OFF. THE. COURT.


Here’s Some New Naked Pictures Of Kim Kardashian Because Apparently We Can’t Go A Week Without Seeing Her Nude by Snoop_Doug

I’m so fucking sick of this bitch. Updated annoying chicks ranking as of 2/8/15:
1) Nancy Grace
2) Flo from progressive commercials
3) Bella Knox
4) My wife
5) My wife’s Mom
6) Kim K

Bro Gets Caught On Camera Checking Out A Girl’s Booty At Michigan St-Illinois Game by Madison Stalker

My butt accepts and appreciates his stares.


The Face Blanket Is A Thing And I’m Officially Moving To The Moon by Snoop_Doug

I need this for my Wife when he have intercourse for the 2nd and 3rd time in 6 months. Don’t get married, Bro’s.

Fuck my life.


‘Laugh While You Still Can, Shitheads’: RadioShack’s Farewell Message To America Is Perfect Thanks To John Oliver by Trevor

if most americans were’t buying pieces of shit throw away electronics, made by the communist country China you so much hate, maybe this 100 year old company who helped support and build the electronic nation we live in would still exist….

Kanye West Wasn’t Joking, Says ‘Beck Needs To Respect Artistry And Should’ve Given His Award to Beyonce’ by DJ_Mirage

Oh come on Kanye, first you used to complain the Grammy’s were shit bc your spoiled ass didn’t win enough of these and now that you won, you’re complaining that someone else should’ve won?? Dude, never go full retard.

Is he fucking Beyoncé or something? First he interrupts Taylor Swift on stage “for” Beyoncé n now this. I get that him n Jay Z suck each other’s dicks n all but that’s an awfully lot of support for your friend’s wife. They probably all have herpes


Kevin Durant To Chris Paul ‘You’re Down 20, Homie’ After Paul Talked Trash During Clippers’ Blowout Loss by DJ_Mirage

This is why I hate Chris Paul, he’s a tiny little bitch. Rough him up a bit, make him have to play more than 20 mins and he’ll get all angry like a spoiled 13 year old and mentally collapse.

Does he not remember the ass rapings he received courtesy of Conley and Westbrook in the playoffs?? Lol


Emily Ratajkowski Looked Like The Hottest Prom Date Ever In Her Grammys Party Dress Last Night by Duff Man

I love her


Katy Perry Says God Spoke To Her During The Super Bowl… Yes, That God by Duff Man

I love her


Iggy Azalea Is In A Blood Feud With Papa John’s And It’s Spellbinding by mattbrian2015

Papa Johns Pizza causes watery, heinous Diarrhea anyway. Very similar to Iggy’s music.


HOLY SHIT: A CRAZY High-Speed Chase With Armed Car-Jacking Is Going On In L.A. And It’s Pretty Much ‘GTA’ IRL by Snoop_Doug

Dude was trying to get to a Pray n Spray to change his car color. No tanks tho? The was only a 3 star chase.


PICS: Woman DESTROYS Cheating Husband’s $130,000 Audi R8 by Hairpiece

Thought… Wealthy guy gets caught cheating, leads to divorce, in which half of his assets will end up with soon to be ex wife… solution to unload a large expense to either, get a payout to avoid financial hardship or… to get payout to upgrade to a new ride to start off your new life….

Destroy own car, make it look like angry spousal revenge. Too much?


Let’s Talk About How Absolutely Disgusting Your Office Coffee Mug Is by dickfart


I haven’t washed my coffee mug in months. it was white, once upon a time, but now it’s just stained dark brown, all over. wanna fight about it? I’m pretty sure it’s getting pasteurized with every refill, or something.


Would You Buy This Groupon For A PYT Burger-A-Day For A Year? by danduron

Not gonna lie.. I’d actually buy this if I lived in the area.


Do You Love LeBron James So Much That You’d Buy A ‘King James’ Edition Of A $55,000 Kia Sedan? by aupele

The brand Kia and the word ‘luxury’ is an oxymoron


Drunk Guy Obliterated By Roundhouse And Superman Punch KO by RandomGuy27

That wasn’t a roundhouse kick. It was a Back Spinning Hook kick. A roundhouse kick moves forward.


Watch Taylor Swift Give A Reporter The Ultimate Bitch Face When Asked If She’ll Leave The Grammys With ‘Lots Of Men’ by ShadowxStar

I’ve had a male resting bitch face my entire life. You have no idea how hard it is to gets dates when I look like I just stabbed a puppy.


Chipotle’s Crappy Cousin Qdoba Will Give You A Free Burrito If You Make Out With A Stranger by vctheking21

Mr. David Covucci… would… would you please accompany me to Qdoba for a Savory Queso smothered burrito and, if not Savory Queso, then one of their other “existing flavors”?

P.S. “existing” may be the best adjective to describe any “flavors” on their menu…


This Guy Wound Up With A Raw Burger From McDonalds And It Only Kinda Looks Like Real Meat…Okay Not Really by Kenny ThaKilla

I call bullshit on the whole thing. This guy claims he bit into the burger, yet you can clearly see the burger hasn’t been bitten into. The top was scraped off, and why would you do that unless you knew ahead of time that it was raw?

Aside from that obvious sketchiness, I see nothing unusual about the meat itself. Looks like a normal, albeit thin, raw burger.


This Guy Wound Up With A Raw Burger From McDonalds And It Only Kinda Looks Like Real Meat…Okay Not Really by LifeofMilner

I work at McDonalds in the UK. This is easily done. the grill is automatic and senses how thick the meat is and then cooks the patty for the appropriate time. if the sensor is off (very low chance but a lot of burgers are cooked in a day) then it cooks it for less time than it should but the outside looks cooked and so you assume its done correctly because you dont stand by the burger counting in seconds, you keep busy. As for the quality of the meat, over here the meat is 100% beef hind and looks alot better than that raw (as in like a burger from a butchers does). that looks horrible


Girl With The Most Aggressive Tinder Profile Ever Loses Her Goddamn Mind After A Jewish Guy Dares To Text Her by dbletapper

Another chick who makes me glad I’m married.


Charlie Sheen Went On A SHEENTASTIC Twitter Rant On Behalf Of NBC’s Brian Williams by dabraat

Every dude who has every gone fishing has embellished and made it a fish tale. Every dude who has ever been in a war zone has embellished on his stories, unless they have seen so much horror that they refuse to talk about it. People love to tell stories about wild nights, events, etc, and most add details to make them more interesting. Williams was probably trying to play-up his street cred and went too far. Thankfully he’s only suspended. Every little thing these days seems to get people fired. World full of hypocrites. If you fly into a zone where helicopters are being shot at, and yours doesn’t get shot at, you are still flying into dangerous territory. Takes guts.


Charlie Sheen Went On A SHEENTASTIC Twitter Rant On Behalf Of NBC’s Brian Williams by fukdabraat

That is such bullshit. I’ve been in a war zone and NEVER embellished anything. “Every dude” is such a blanket statement that without reading the rest of the garbage you typed, it would still be inherently wrong. You have done nothing in your life worth talking about, so that means no one has and everyone makes up shit just like you do? Fuck you pussy. You know your wrong, but you’re probably just going to lie about lying.


This Kid’s Dick Was So Big That He Had To Get A Penis REDUCTION Surgery In Order To Be Able To Have Sex by Duff Man

Let me tell you, it’s no picnic.


What Do We Think Of Kanye West’s New Sneakers, The adidas Yeezy 750 Boost? by simtrick

Really? Are those things for real? West is nuts. He has zero designer skills in him. When these things don’t sell I can see the headcase saying, “I was just testin yous people. I knows they be ugly. I just wanted to see how much power over alls ya sheep I really do have. I ain’t be frontin. Yo! Lookout it’s OneTIme, y’know dog. The Po po.” In truth, I think he thinks he is the second coming of the wardrobe designer on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Whom I think he worships more than himself. Werd.


Bro Gets Girlfriend Sketched As Disney Princesses For Valentine’s Day, Is Going To Have LOTS Of Sex This Weekend by mattbrian2015

Finally, Ive been looking for someone to recreate the paintings from sex tape for my home

Comment of the Week

The 4 Best Dildo Reviews On Amazon And Whether Or Not I’d Buy Them Based On The Reviews by m0214

#3 claims her friends bought it for her as a gift… but the review is marked as a verified purchase from Amazon, so what she meant was “I got this for myself and…” BUSTED. Kinda like going to the doctor and saying that your friend thinks they might have an STD, what should you tell your friend, aka yourself.

You are our comment section Dick Tracy, M0214. Nicely done.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day fuckfests and the long President’s Day weekend. See you in the comments next week.

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