This Communist Is Filming Himself Having Sex In Every State So He Can Change The Way People Think About Porn Stars

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When the word “porn star” is said what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Sex? Disease? Giant fake-tittied woman getting giant loads splooged all over their face and then pretending that it’s enjoyable? Well NONE of that is about to change, even after this communist porn star takes his sex-capade around the United States for the sake of “art”…or maybe it was to change the way people think about porn stars.

Something something “purpose.”

Colby Keller is a porn star, self-described communist and a Master of Fine Art – which must make for an interesting CV.

He has raised $45,385 in order to buy a van and drive around America and film himself having sex with someone in 50 US states, as well as some provinces in Canada.

His fans get in touch with him online, and then he chooses which ones to make his videos with, all in the name of art.

Keller describes himself as a communist, and having sold all of his possessions prior to undertaking his trip around America, he wants to change the way people think about porn stars.

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Can you guess what state he had sex in first? Go on, guess.

Okay fine I’ll give you a hint…it begins with “M” and ends in “ARYLAND.” Still don’t know?

“The first state was Maryland, with a friend who lives in Baltimore. I filmed another in L.A. with a friend. I’ve filmed in Maine, West Virginia, D.C., and I’m filming in Florida next.”

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Oh, Maryland. How you’ve fallen since I’ve left.

If you’re siting there wondering how any of this is going to change people’s perception of porn stars, or how him having random sex with random people is “art,” then you and I should get drinks sometime because we apparently think alike.

Colby claims that he had an offer for a ‘significant amount’ of money from a porn studio to licence his trip around America and turn it into a blue movie.

But he turned the offer down, he wants to create art, not porn.

“They wanted a very specific product, that was a porn product, and not the kind of product I’m interested in making. It wouldn’t be making art; it would be making porn.”

The end product doesn’t yet exist, which currently makes it neither porn nor art. But eventually the art community will decide.

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I can guess what the end product will be, and it’s a word that rhymes with “thrash.”

…the word is trash. Can’t you people rhyme? Jesus.

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