Computer Technicians Reveal The Most Disturbing Things They Discovered And WOW!!! You Guys Are Freaks!

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The good folks over at Ask Reddit posed this interesting question: “Redditors who have had to work with other people’s computers, what is the most disturbing thing you have found?” And well, the answers were really, really, really disturbing. A great lesson in watch what you wish for because you just might get it.

Beware the stories below are disturbing, disgusting, bizare, and grisly.


I was setting up my grandfather’s printer and he warned me “there’s a lot of porn on there” (meaning the PC) lol I laughed and showed him how to delete his search history.


Coworker had me fix her computer lag since nobody was at the IT desk.
I was running a scan and doing a clean of all her temp files when I saw an XXX folder on her desktop.
Had a couple of videos inside of it.
Opened the first one.
It was a video of maggots pouring out from a vagina.
I couldn’t have sex with my girlfriend for about a week after it.
I couldn’t unsee it. I still have that fucking clip burned into my memory. This was 6 years ago.

Even though this image is eating away at you, you must carrion.


Found a load of porn while working on a clients computer. Lots of Brazzers cuts and fragments of videos. Come to find out, he wasn’t obsessed with porn at all; he was an editor for Brazzers.

Maybe you should have become besties with the “luckiest man in the world,” or at the very least ask for a free password.


A photo album full of polar bears with coke bottles photoshopped onto their hands, like very badly done. Like 40 photos. I was just trying to update a friends drivers and couldn’t resist opening the folder called coke bears

When will the media stop this false narrative that polar bears love to drink soda?


Read a story on here about a Geek Squad-type guy who found a bunch of gory murder scene photos. Turned out the owner was a homicide detective.

That’s what he told you.


Don’t do the job anymore but once I did an install where they ordered playboy channel for their service (no big deal), but as soon as I get there he starts “you have the playboy channel on there right?”, I look at the order and say…”yeah”. So I’m doing the install and his wife offers me a drink and food. I turn it down (we are suppose to, job policy). I also had to do a virus check on their computer. So after I finish the install for the cable he says “okay, show us the playboy channel”. Usually people wait for us to leave so it was weird to look up the channel and watch porn in a guys house with his wife on a 65 inch tv. so I excuse myself to work on the computer, AS soon as I log in the last page he was on was importing foreign women for sex (like mail order brides), the next tab was for orgies ans the next tab was for craigslist. I didn’t go to far into it because it was just REALLY awkward as I heard the sounds from the tv downstairs. So when I go to leave, him and his wife don’t look at me and they are fixated on the porn. I say my goodbye speech but they don’t even turn.
It was just weird all around for me.

Who watches Playboy?

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