Conan Delivers Hilarious Message to Florida: The Presidential Race Is Terrifyingly Up to You

by 5 years ago

But there's another side of Florida. The Bad Florida. This is the land of soulless tourist traps, angry meth people, the grossly obese, and, depending on where you stand, Tim Tebow.

Conan last night pointed out that Bad Florida—which has dominated the news in the past year with a series of increasingly bizarre stories dealing with cannibalism, gunplay and previously unknown drugs—always seems to play a crucial role in the presidential election. And this year, unfortunately, will be no different.

Can we count on you, Florida, to make the right decision? Or will you once again exist to remind us that the Electoral College may not be our country's brightest idea? We'll find out in just a couple of weeks. It can't come soon enough.

H/T: Conan

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