Connecticut Wig Shop Owner Survives Possible Zombie Attack

by 6 years ago

Wig shop owner Jongyol Lee reported to the police that he was viciously bitten on the arm Tuesday by a New Haven woman who attempted to steal some of his merchandise.

From the Daily Mail:

Lowpel Davis, 38, of New Haven, Connecticut tried to take a wig from Sassy Beauty Supply shop Tuesday afternoon and became violent when store owner Jongyol Lee and his 70-year-old father tried to stop her.

When she was eventually overtaken by police, she is also accused of biting the arresting officers.

While the Sassy Beauty Supply owner and his 70-year-old father tried to apprehend Davis, the woman was not to be stopped.

According to Hartford police, Davis punched the two men – both in the face – and then bit the store owners arm, taking a piece of flesh from the man’s bicep.

She then spit it in his face, the report says.

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