Conservatives Watch More Porn Than Liberals According To New Study

by 3 years ago
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Studies never lie, right? So if that’s true and you’re a conservative, stop trolling for porn so much, you heathen.

A new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, produced by researchers from Canadian Universities, found American states that identify as more religious and conservative are also more apt to search for sex online. Of course, the study makes a point of separating the religiously conservative from the politically conservative. The latter is more likely to look for sex specific terms, such as “gay sex, free porn and xxx,” whereas those that consider themselves religious were looking for generalized sex terms that could’ve theoretically fallen under the “health and wellness” category. (via The Daily Beast)

Maybe the religious and politically conservatives are just doing “research” so they know what things they’d like to ban next. I mean, it’s a theory, right?

Of course they also point out that the more religious and more conservative people are the less likely they are to have been educated on sex and sexual deviancy and are also less likely to want to discuss sex with their peers leading them to doing more online searching to find questions to their answers.

Also, and more importantly to me, why is Canada studying our sexual behavior? Oh, right, they have way more time on their hands what with them living 800 miles from each other and all. Never mind.

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