Cop Fired After Feeding Homeless Man A Shit-Sandwich

by 1 year ago

Matthew Luckhurst

Look at this turd with the shit-eating grin. This shithead is San Antonio police officer Matthew Luckhurst. This asshole tried to feed a homeless man a sandwich with poop inside. This shitstain has since been fired.

Luckhurst told another officer in May that he had picked up feces, placed it on bread and put it in a container for the homeless man to eat. Meanwhile, Quiznos gets away with pulling shit like this on a daily basis.

Police Chief William McManus (HA! You said “anus”) said the second officer told Luckhurst to retrieve the container but it’s not clear if he did. At least two officers reported Luckhurst’s actions to supervisors.

After an internal investigation, it was determined that Luckhurst attempted to give a homeless man a sandwich with feces inside it.

McManus said in a statement Friday that Luckhurst, formerly a five-year member of the police department, committed a “vile and disgusting act.”

Every restaurant in the city should serve this piece of shit this dish from now on.



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