Pornhub Has Entirely Changed Their Site For April Fools’ Day And It’s Pretty Corny, But Funny

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Today is April Fools’ Day, a day for people to attempt to trick you with dumb pranks that you’ve seen a thousand times and are completely aware that it is a day of foolish hoaxes. Pornhub joined in the shenanigans, but their April Fools’ Day joke was pretty punny.

You can finally go on Pornhub at work and not be looked down upon, unless you have some anti-vegetable coworkers. For the April Fools’ Day prank Pornhub has transformed into Cornhub, a site that features explicit and graphic corn porn. Instead of cuckhold and interracial sex videos there is just straight-up nasty corn-on-corn shucking.

This food porn is much different from what you would expect, with cornography videos titled, “Slob on the cob,” “Hot young corn gets plowed,” and “Hard shucking like you’ve never seen!” Fill up your passion fuel tank with ethanol and be prepared to be amaized. I dare you to try not to salivate with lust as hot butter drips off that long, hard ear of corn.

Seeing all of the plump maize in hardcorn porn got me so corny. However, when I clicked on a video titled “First time kernel popping” it took me to the usual Pornhub with regular NSFW sex videos. No cornholing whatsoever. Guess the joke is on me. Aw shucks.

For now, this drilling GIF will have to do, despite the painful and traumatic use of teeth.

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