Watch Couples Test Out Virtual Reality Porn For The First Time And Lose Their Sh*t At How Awesome It Is

by 3 years ago


Badoink Virtual Reality porn is going to change the way we live our lives. The adult film industry really thought they were onto something when they first launched ‘POV’ style pornography, but that’s about to die a very quick death once Badoink Virtual Reality headsets begin to hit the market. As you can see in the video: Badoink is for everyone. Women love Badoink VR, men love it, and couples love it. And the people testing out Badoink VR don’t just think it’s awesome, they go completely insane for it, not unlike the first time a person has sex. The future is now:

The adult video industry has progressed technology further over the past two decades than any other industry in the world (even biotech). Biotech’s got nothing on this:

VentureBeat points out that in order to film this video Badoink VR hit the mean streets of San Francisco and passed out the ‘cardboard headset for the Samsung Gear VR’ to random strangers off the street. And it’s obvious that none of these people had any idea that they’d be messing around with virtual reality porn that day, because if these ‘actors’ had any heads up I’m pretty sure the dudes wouldn’t be trying to fondle some porn star’s boobs while sitting next to their girlfriends:


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