Classy Couple Caught Having Sex In A Hardee’s Parking Lot During Breakfast Rush Hour Say It Was A ‘Mistake’

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When it comes to boning in fast food parking lots Hardee’s ranks in at the bottom of the list. Chick-fil-a is for classy people, the same as Chipotle and any other fast-casual place willing to give you free food in exchange for pretending they didn’t try to poison you with E. coli just one month prior, whereas Hardee’s is reserved solely for those of us whose homes either reside on bricks or travel on wheels.

I’m sure anyone who’s a fan of Hardee’s is at least mildly offended after reading that, but come on – look at Brittany Pennington and Jonathan Howard. These are the kinds of people you’re associating yourself with by liking Hardee’s:

According to the citations, Howard and Pennington were caught in the Hardee’s parking lot during the rush hour having sex in a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria. Several cars were lined up to order, and the car Howard and Pennington were in was parked beside the drive thru line in plain view of the vehicles lined up to order.

Howard and Pennington exposed their genitals with the knowledge their conduct was likely to cause affront or alarm to the surrounding public. The pair admitted to police they had sex in the Ford Crown Victoria and that they made a mistake.(via)

Yeah, and the mistake was that you couldn’t wait to park at the Wendy’s just a quarter of a mile down the road. Wendy’s is chill, although I don’t know if they’re chill enough to let you bone in their parking lot – I feel like you could definitely get away with it if you were smart enough to at least not do it during the fucking breakfast rush hour and instead aimed for 3 a.m.

Howard and Pennington were both reportedly charged with first-degree indecent exposure and currently remain in the Harlan County Detention Center.

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