Yet ANOTHER Couple Got Caught On Video Boning Away In Full View Of Other People

by 3 years ago
couple caught on video sex in office


This is like, what, the EIGHTH time since June that we have reported on a person or couple just going to town either masturbating or having sex right there in front of God and everyone?

Are these people not aware that they are being watched? Do they not care? Or is it some kind of fetish that they’re getting off on?

Whatever the reason, here we go again. And as is quite often the case, this dynamic duo were caught on camera for the whole world to see.

For today’s public romp we visit Santa Fe, one of Mexico City’s major business districts.

According to the Mirror

The giveaway on the location was a large ‘For Rent’ sign on the outside of the block just below the couple’s office with a telephone number on it.

One Facebook user appeared to have done his homework – and went further by posting what he claimed was the address of the building where the couple were filmed, even identifying the fact it was a second-floor office.

Another added jokingly under the video: “That’s the way to get a wage rise.”

I don’t know about a raise, but someone certainly got a rise out of the situation. I’m sorry.

Here’s the video caught by office workers across the street. Their laughter is priceless and really makes me wish I had paid more attention in Spanish class so I knew what they were saying.

Man looking through blinds image by Shutterstock