Dude Doesn’t Comply With The Police, Gets Speared To The Ground. Girl Gets Involved And LOLOL Pepper Spray

by 3 years ago


I suspect that the person filming the incident you can see below went into this with the intention of catching some police officers stepping out of line, getting a clip of police brutality or something along those lines. In actuality the film showed just miserable cops have it sometimes, and how unruly drunk people can when the sun goes down.

The video begins with the dude getting out of control and becoming completely noncompliant, that’s when the cops have no choice but to spear him to the ground. Around 1:50 in the video the chick gets involved and somehow thinks it’s in her best interest to push one of the cops, that’s when she gets a healthy does of pepper spray to the dome. It’s amazing how the saltiest of people become instantly subdued when an canister of pepper spray’s unloaded directly into their eyes, isn’t it?

Lesson learned, bros: be compliant when you’re dealing with law enforcement.

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